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Skeleton Water Bottle Sticker by Tiantian Li

Skeleton Water Bottle Sticker by Tiantian Li

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Tiantian Li's latest stickers are a captivating fusion of art and anatomy, showcasing her exquisite talent in watercolor. The centerpiece of these stickers is a delicately painted skeleton, rendered with remarkable detail and a touch of whimsy. Each bone is lovingly depicted, from the intricate curvature of the ribs to the graceful arc of the skull. Against a backdrop of soft, ethereal colors, the skeleton stands out as a mesmerizing symbol of both fragility and strength. Tiantian Li's mastery of watercolor techniques is evident in the way light seems to play across the bones, creating a sense of depth and life within the skeletal form. These stickers are not just decorations but miniature works of art that invite contemplation and admiration.


Size: 4" X 4"

Material: Waterproof Vinyl


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