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  • Friendly Sun
  • Friendly Sun

Friendly Sun

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Designed and embroidered with care, our brooches are the essential accessory for elegance... right up to the black, velvet foam cushioned box ! Bearer of messages and concern, they know how to seduce on all occasions.
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Jedidiah Artisan Candle Collection

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  • Symphony Of Peace

Symphony Of Peace

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Jedidiah Gallery + Design Store welcomes people of all ages and backgrounds and helps them to enhance their physical and mental surroundings.


We Curate , Not Just Decorate

Jedidiah Gallery carries the notion of blending traditional art gallery and a modern design store to blur the boundaries between the general public and the perception of typical aloof art galleries


  • "Met the artist and she was super friendly."
    - Rachel Apfelbaum
  • "So happy we found your gallery at the mall on Saturday! It was a pleasure to meet you too!."
    - Barbara Monzo