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Painting with artist Enzhao Liu

Painting with artist Enzhao Liu

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About the class:

In this class we will be painting with artist Enzhao Liu for a piece of bird & flower painting, we will explore different birds and flowers to practice the colorful palette and bring back a piece of unique bird & flower painting.

Materials: acrylic on canvas (provided) 

2-hour class

6-8 people total

Time: Every Thursday afternoon 2:00 pm - 4:00pm

About the artist:

Chinese-born Philadelphia artist Enzhao Liu is a painter whose aesthetic is a blend of eastern and western cultures, realism and surrealism, natural and simulated—descriptors that define his inspiration to “create an ideal landscape for the animals where the birds are singing and happily living in a peaceable kingdom.” Liu’s work has been described as a celebration of nature with its beauty depicted through color, lines, circles, dots, and patterns.

Liu’s imagery is referenced from art history, the internet, and his imagination. He alters the animals, birds, flowers, and sky appropriately to accentuate its magic, mystery, and complexity. The compositions are dense and spatially compressed where everything co-exists harmoniously. The highly detailed paintings feature jewels to discover including his unique color palette, patterning, and the presence of exotic plants and creatures large and small. Liu’s awe of nature and compassion for the environment are evident as he visually reveals the soul and spirit of his idyllic wildernesses that are joyously free where the natural world forever remains a peaceable kingdom.

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