DF01M, Acrylic Dustcover Case for DG100 Series

We offer acrylic dust covers specially built to protect the miniature kits sold from our shop or any item needing dust protection. The individual panels are well protected in the giftbox with peel off protective covers on both sides of the panel. It will look very clean and crystal-clear once removed.

Fit for DG/DGM Series: DG101, DG102, DG104, DG105, DG106, DG107, DG108, DG109, DG141, DG142, DG145, DG146, DG147, DG148, DGM01, DGM04, DGM05, DGM06, DGM07, DGM08, DGM09

Assembled size: 9.7 x 7.9 x 8.5 in (H)

  • $40.00