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Queen Hook Pillow

Queen Hook Pillow

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Imagine a luxurious rectangular throw pillow that exudes regal charm and comfort. The front side of this exquisite pillow features the word "Queen" meticulously crafted from soft wool in a charming hooked design. Adding to its majestic appeal, a golden crown embellishment sits atop the letter "Q," radiating elegance and sophistication.

Turning to the backside, you'll find a lush retreat of 100% polyester velvet, inviting you to sink into its velvety embrace. The rich texture of the velvet provides a delightful contrast to the intricate detailing on the front, promising not only visual delight but also tactile pleasure.

This throw pillow is not just a piece of decor; it's a statement of royalty and refinement, perfect for adorning your favorite armchair, sofa, or bed with a touch of grandeur and comfort. Whether you're lounging in leisure or entertaining guests, this pillow is sure to reign supreme in both style and coziness.

★100% wool hooked accent pillow ★100% velvet backing ★Includes polyester insert, zipper closure ★8x12 lumbar throw pillow


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