• Build Your Own DIY House

Build Your Own DIY House

We will introduce these new Super Creator collection and try out the 1 hr easy building process!

Come and join us for a class putting the new super store models together. This venue will provide you a place to concentrate and complete a DIY project with advise and help from folks around. Within the 2hr session we will build up one kit and walk out the store with a beautiful Super Store display!

This ticket will offer you a Super Store kit and one Dust-proof Roof with 2 Dust-proof Doors, total value $54.99. By joining this class you will also get 15% off deal on any other DIY House Kits and 3D Puzzles the same day.

1. Bubble Tea Store

2. Fruit Store

3. Coffee Shop

Time:Tuesday, May 30th, 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

  • $45.00