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Chloe Chen's Nowhere Giclee Print

Chloe Chen's Nowhere Giclee Print

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By Chloe Chen

Print size: 12" X 12"

Giclee print on archival paper

Open edition and framed.

About the artist:

Yanran Chen, 17 years old, is an emerging illustrator. Influenced by her family environment, she has had a strong interest in art since childhood. She began painting when she was 3. At the age of 13, she was capable of creating extraordinary works independently. Most of her work is about the dream world full of rich imagination and creativity.

During 2019, she systematically studied illustration design, stop-motion animation and other art courses at the Rhode Island School of design (RISD).
As a special guest, she participated in the on-site painting of hand-drawing unit at the first "Suprasense Visual Art Expo" in 2019.

Although she is very young, she has cooperated with brands like Moleskin, Balenciaga, Wonderland.

About the artwork:

I enjoy creating unexpected scenes. Whenever I dream of some interesting fragments, I will try my best to recall the scenes and  piece them together in my work. I have been sensitive to spinning things ever since I was a child, and my heart beats so fast every time I see them. I become fascinated by scary and mysterious stuff, the concepts of rotating gears, clocks, owls have been lingering in my head and they have been very important concepts in my creative.

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