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Art Consulting for Artists

Art Consulting for Artists

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Looking for ways to build up your art career or refine your art skills? Our Jedidiah Gallery founders will help you to develop your art career and take it to the next level.

We will offer you a 30-60 min consultation by reviewing your current art portfolio, resume and online accesses to your art pieces, to advice how to move to the next step. In this consultation we will focus on your goals and interests, then find ways to get you more exposures and how you could make a stronger online art presentation. With our conversation in this session we can come up with a plan on how we can develop the art career and point out the right directions, we can also solve all your art practice concerns, both studio practice and marketing practice. 

What you need to do:

Bring your portfolio and resume.

Once you book the consultation we can schedule the in person meeting at Jedidiah Gallery & Design Store KOP or @Zoom as soon as possible.

What we offer:

Make a personalized plan for you

Help to build up your website 

Set up and manage your social media accounts

About the founders:

Enzhao Liu

Enzhao Liu has two MFA degrees from top art schools in both US and China, started from 2015 Enzhao exhibited with the top 3 gallery Mizuma Art Gallery in Japan, Enzhao's paintings had been in major international art shows like HK Art Basel, Seattle Art Faire, LA Art Show. Enzhao also had his solo show in NYC in 2020. Beyond the painting practice, Enzhao also works with public art projects including Philadelphia International Airport Art Project, Park Towne Place Public Collection, NYC Public Art Projects. Enzhao founded Jedidiah Gallery in 2017 and opened the store in KOP Mall in 2018. Enzhao has the deep knowledge in marketing artist and artwork, which will help artists to build a great artist career plan.

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