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Angel & Mushroom, Open Edition Print by Yu Chen

Angel & Mushroom, Open Edition Print by Yu Chen

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An open edition Yu Chen print, with a matte border in a crystal cover.

Frame Size: 8" x 10" & 11" x 14"

Image Size: 4.5" x 6.5" & 7.5" x 9.5"

Collection Info: "Blue" Series by Yu Chen


Artist Bio:

Chinese-born and Philadelphia-educated, Yu Chen is a printmaker and illustrator qwith a deeply personal and surrealist approach. A thoroughly introspective person, Chen is confident and committed to exploring her own psyche through art. With works often surrealist in nature, her uncompromised technique lends a fine grace to each piece, blurring the lines between traditional and unconventional. The pieces function both as objects of sheer delicate beauty and unconscious mirrors to examine our own throughs and feelings.

Certain images frequently bubble to the surface: young girls, animal specimens, ephemeral oddities. Despite her immaculate technique, the order of such images is not planned, nor are any overarching appeals. Each piece is a manifestations of old thoughts of witchcraft, childhood, and botanical curiosities, as well as little trinkets at flea markets, a combination that does not feel any obligation to tell a specific story. The viewer reads their own meaning in between each fragile line of ink. Each piece contains a world constructed by Chen and lived by the viewer, immersed in both Chen's and their own psychoanalytic dreamlands.

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