Reacquaint yourself with some of the Christian Lacroix’s most iconic decoration patterns with the patchwork-style design on these Orchid’s Mascarade notecards. These unique combinations are paired with the delightfully colorful, and charming details inside each card.

Each box contains a set of six cards, each with a different design. Each card is decorated with several memorable designs from the House’s Lifestyle collections, reimagined with varnish, flocked or metallic details. The common thread on each card is the iconic Cabanon stripe, appearing in black and white or in color, accented with soft velvet black bands. Inside, these notecards are decorated with delicately colored bucolic or animal designs.

- 2-piece printed box with spot UV & hot stamping

- 6 die-cut notecards with varied printed effects

- Each design features full color printed interiors

- 6 die-cut cream-colored envelopes with the iconic Bellechasse cut

-nCard Size: 4.35 x 6”, 110 x 150mm

- Box Size: 6.25 x 4.75 x 1”, 155 x 125 x 25mm

  • $30.00