Heng Balance Lamp

  • Designer
    Li Zanwen
  • Size
    16h x 8w x 2.75"d & 70''cord
  • Materials
    Beechwood, Plastic
  • Year of Design

Within the warm, wood frame of this pleasingly minimalist lamp is a surprising way to illuminate it. When you lift the lower ball attached to a cord, it attracts to the top one—thanks to the embedded magnets inside—creating a connection that switches on the lamp’s LED light. Separating them turns off the light. The attractive curved design creates the illusion of light passing through the wooden structure. USB plug. Choose from beechwood or walnut.


Designer Zanwen Li's lamp ("Heng" means "balance" in Chinese) combines innovative technology with traditional craftsmanship. The magnetic mid-air switch and the warm, natural wood come together to create soft, soothing illumination.
Innovative Function
Innovative Function
Function plays a large role in defining good design. When designers look at an object, they don't just consider its aesthetic appearance—they should also challenge it to be more versatile, to respond to the user's need, or to achieve its purpose more elegantly. Good design has the capacity to solve problems that sometimes we didn't even know we had. This is one of the ways design touches and enriches our everyday life.
  • $69.95