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Hands Casting Event Saturday 10/14

Hands Casting Event Saturday 10/14

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Want a memorable statue of your kids' hands or a moment of you and your loved one holding hands together? 

Jedidiah Gallery is presenting the Hands Casting event for Kids and Adults, we will provide the mold and materials, the final sculpture will be white marble color stone, the ENTIRE process start to finish is 30 minutes, and the casted hands can be taken home the day of the event.


Saturday 10/14

Appointment needed

Book now, we will be in touch with you the day before the event about the exact time on the 14th of October.

About the process:

1. Practice how the hands will go, explanation of how it works.
2. mixing the first cast batch, immersing the hands for 5 minutes.
3. Removing the hands, making the mix for the stone casting. Pouring it another 6-7 minutes
4. Letting the cast set takes about 15 minutes. 
Attendants can shop the store or go out and eat etc and come back to pick the hand/s up. 
5. The artist takes the hand/s out of the cast and clean it up takes a few minutes.
in total start to finish 35-40 minutes

The baby hands are in the Alginate setting for about 4- minutes. We can cast hands for kids that 3 years old and up.

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